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Thread: Fritz salt

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    Fritz salt

    Is anyone using Fritz salt?

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    I have not, but Paul at the Ark talks highly of it. Had a bad experience trying a different salt this summer. So I am sticking with what my tank likes, Tropic Marin Pro Reef. Let us know your thoughts if you try Fritz.

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    I use it. Mixes great no issues.

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    I set up my new tank on this based on Paul's recommendation after using Tropic Marin (regular salt) in the tank I tore down. It mixes pretty easily following what the directions say, and nothing has gone wrong over the month or so with it. That being said, I only have one soft coral (not including the blue clove polyps I thought were gone), a couple fish, and some invertebrates, so not a whole lot to go from to say if it's great or not.

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