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Thread: Interest in having a January meeting?

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    Grovertown, IN
    I wouldn't be able to make it this Sunday because of another meeting, but I'd be interested in hearing how everything goes!

    At some point I would be interested in trying out some of the gracilaria to see if it does better than chaeto does for me if the option comes up again in the future.

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    I have plenty whenever you want it. Not sure the difference it will make vs Chaeto. I just have them in two different sections. I literally do not run any kind of actual filtration on my reef. It is all done via fuge and macro that has to be pruned a lot. I have multiple types of macro. Caulerpa prolifera, Caulerpa racemosa, Botryoclades sp, Gracilaria sp, Chaetomorpha sp, Fauchia sp, Halymenia sp, and a little bit of other types here and there. I had a bunch more but my tank crashed Dec 2016 and I lost some of my fancier ones.
    240g FOWLR - complete!, WIP 125g reef/inverts, WIP 30g/20g mantis.

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