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Thread: Cincy Reef Frag Swap (Cincinnati, Ohio) - January 13, 2018

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    The Cincy Reef Frag Swap (Cincinnati, Ohio) is just 6 Days Away !!!!!!!!

    Invite all of Your Reefing Friends

    Saturday, January 13

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    Win an Apex Gold Aquarium Controller ($800 Value) for just $5 or a Vortech MP-10 Quiet Drive ($285 Value) for just $1

    These are just 2 of the Awesome Raffle Prizes at the CincyReef Frag Swap!

    Saturday, January 13

    Cincinnati, Ohio
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    Raffle Prizes

    Apex Gold Aquarium Controller ($800)
    Vortech MP-10 Quiet Drive Power Head ($285)
    ". ". 11" Aqualight*
    ". ". 24"*LED*light
    20 Pounds Caribsea Live Rock
    4 Passes for the Shedd*Aquarium*
    Aquaticlife RO
    Auto Top Off*Controller*
    Brine shrimp*Direct Package
    BRS Double*Dose*Package
    Cobalt 100*Watt*Heater
    Cobalt Large Flake Food X2
    Cobalt*Coral*Food X3
    Coral*Up A & B X6
    Coralife 30"*LED*Light
    Dolphin Amp Master 4750.3
    Dr. Tim's
    IVS Portal Viewing*Glasses*
    Marineland 24"*LED*Strip Light
    Marineland Maxi Jet 500 Power Head X6
    Premium Aquatics Refractometer
    Reed*Mariculture*Live Food
    Rods Food Package X5
    Salfert 5 Pack*Test Kits*
    Sera Package
    Spectrapure 90 GPD*RODI*
    Tunze*Nano*Stream 6015 Package

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    The Cincy Reef Frag Swap (Cincinnati, Ohio) is TOMORROW !!!!!!!!

    For More Info on the Swap Please Click on the Link Below.

    The Facebook Event Page is


    Saturday, January 13


    11:00 AM to 3:00 PM


    Hilton Doubletree Hotel Blue Ash
    6300 E. Kemper Road
    Sharonville, Ohio 45241

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    Had a Great Time at the Cincy Reef Frag Swap !!!!

    Big Thanks to Logan, Mark, and Steve for Putting on the Swap and Everyone Else that Helped Out.

    Can't Wait for It Again Next Year

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